Each day, thousands of students, faculty and staff travel to the Stevens campus in Hoboken. With this many people traveling to and from campus, it is environmentally irresponsible for each person to drive a car. To reduce emissions, Stevens students can take simple steps to reduce their carbon footprint.

Stevens’ hometown of Hoboken is one of the New York Metropolitan Area’s major transportation hubs. Students and visitors have a wide array of transportation choices. Thanks to these many options, it was estimated that 93% of students were travelling to and from campus using more sustainable commuting options (compared to single-occupancy vehicles) in the 2018-2019 academic year.

Stevens Shuttles

There is no shuttle service for the Spring 2021 semester. Due to declining demand from students, Stevens has reduced the number of apartments leased in Hoboken. We also have been working toward consolidating all of our leased units as close to campus as possible and in the most popular buildings. For the Fall 2021 semester and for the foreseeable future, Stevens plans to lease units primarily in the Shipyard, which is only a few blocks from campus. Since this property is so close to campus, Stevens will no longer provide shuttle service for students living in leased housing. A decision on shuttle service to the Hoboken Terminal and 9th St light rail station will be made when more is known about our plans for Fall 2021 and if physical distancing requirements will continue.


In addition to abundant bicycle parking on campus, the Stevens community will have discounted access to Citi Bike once it starts in Hoboken.

Public Transportation

  • New Jersey Transit trains and buses
  • Hudson-Bergen Light Rail
  • PATH
  • NY Waterway ferries

Electric Vehicle Charging

In addition to the abundant public transportation options, Stevens encourages more sustainable commuting by offering free Electric Vehicle (EV) charging to campus parking permit holders. There are currently five chargers in the Babbio Center Garage, with plans to add more.


Don’t have a car, but need one for short-term use? Two Zipcar vehicles are located on 8th St.

Campus Fleet

Stevens is dedicated to the reduction of fossil fuel consumption by committing to having all new fleet vehicles be hybrid or electric.

In 2017 Stevens purchased an electric vehicle that is being used by the Facilities Department Locksmith Shop. Additionally, Stevens has placed in service a 2019 Ford Police Responder Hybrid sedan for use by Campus Police.

If supplies can be moved to the Gate House, Facilities plans to purchase EV carts that are not required to be road-ready, reducing operating costs as well as our carbon footprint.