Like other college campuses, Stevens is constantly purchasing supplies from vendors, such as paper, computers, and  furniture. The university has taken the initiative to source select products from local vendors as well as purchasing from locally sourced businesses. Through sustainable purchasing, Stevens contributes to reduced fuel emissions to transport products, increased local economies, and improved relationships with suppliers. For transparency, Stevens explicitly states where furniture and finishes are purchased and hopes to purchase recycled office paper and electronics that are EPEAT certified in the future.

Purchasing Standards

The Division of Campus Facilities & Operations seeks to created a healthy, sustainable and productive work environment. It oversees all purchasing of furniture and finishes on campus and is committed to creating new campus standards. Campus purchasing standards include:

  • Preference for purchasing electronics which are EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) certified

  • Preference for purchasing goods and services from businesses located within 250 miles of Stevens

  • Preference for purchasing recycled office paper that is Forest Stewardship Council certified over virgin paper (paper that has not been recycled before)

  • Preference for purchasing low VOC paint and furnishings

  • Preference for purchasing Green Seal certified janitorial products

  • Switch to purchasing only tree-free restroom paper products

Criteria for new furniture and finishes will incorporate standards from:

  • Cradle to Cradle Certification: Assesses a product’s safety to humans and the environment for present and future life cycles
  • Scientific Certification Sciences Indoor Advantage Certification: Meets strict IAQ (indoor air quality) emission limits to support a healthy indoor environment
  • Greenguard Environmental Institute: Certifies product and materials for low chemical and particulate emissions for a healthier environment
  • Forest Stewardship Council: Verified from forest of origin through supply chain ensuring product is from reasonably harvested sources