Guests at The Power of Stevens Capital Campaign launch party

Goal E1:

Through The Power of Stevens campaign, we will secure at least $150 million in new gifts and pledges by December 31, 2018 and continue to elevate the level of philanthropic support in the post-campaign period. We will achieve an $80 million growth in the value of the endowment over 10-years (as calculated by new gifts and pledges and bequest expectancies, but not including return on investment), from a baseline of $144 million as of June 30, 2011 and $166 million as of June 30, 2016.

Owner: Vice President Laura Rose

Goal E2:

We will expand and diversify opportunities for alumni to be more engaged with Stevens, in ways that lead to growth in the University’s donor base. The undergraduate alumni giving rate will increase from a 2011 baseline of 17 percent to at least 19 percent by 2017 and to 21 percent by 2022. The average gift, as measured by all gifts above $10 and under $10,000 from alumni, will increase from the 2011 baseline of $353 to $433 in 2016 and $550 by 2022. The Office of Development will work closely with academic units in order to increase donations that support and directly relate to the academic enterprise.

Owner: Vice President Laura Rose

Goal E3:

We will enhance and expand the reputation and increase the prestige of Stevens Institute of Technology among peer institutions, graduate and undergraduate admissions stakeholder groups, business and industry, the media, and other key constituencies commensurate with our substantial contributions in research, the stellar educational, career outcomes and societal impact of our graduates, and our legacy of innovation. We will monitor all generally accepted metrics, and, in particular, the Stevens peer assessment ranking in the U.S. News & World Report’s Best Colleges edition will be at least 103 in 2022, compared to 140 in the 2012 edition and 123 in the 2017 edition.1 

Owner: Vice President Beth McGrath

Goal E4:

Our campus will reflect our proud legacy, our student-centricity, our technology focus, and our commitment to global impact. A compelling campus visitor experience will be created that conveys our rich history, our transformative aspirations for the future, the achievements of our alumni, our educational philosophy, our commitment to sustainability, and our strong relationship with Hoboken. The campus will be a source of pride and engagement for our entire community, inclusive of all key stakeholders in Hoboken.

Owners: President Nariman Farvardin, Vice President Robert Maffia, Assistant Vice President Susan Gross, Vice President Beth McGrath

Goal E5:

We will continue to develop synergies and collaborations between Stevens and the Hoboken community that span academic and research interests, student life and volunteerism, employee and community engagement, cultural and performing arts programming, entrepreneurship and economic impact, and other areas that contribute to the mutual benefit of Stevens and Hoboken.

Owners: President Nariman Farvardin, Provost JIANMIN QU, Assistant Vice President Sara Klein

Goal E6:

We will forge a small number of meaningful and mutually-beneficial agreements with prestigious domestic and international partner institutions that significantly enhance the work of the faculty and the learning opportunities for students from both universities.

Owners: President Nariman Farvardin, Provost JIANMIN QU

Goal E7:

Stevens will become a more corporate-friendly university in all its dimensions: undergraduate and graduate student engagements with corporations (including internships, co-operative education, student and faculty projects, and career transition), research collaborations, corporate and professional education programs, philanthropic support, and other joint programs.

Owner: President Nariman Farvardin

12012 edition was published in Fall 2011 and the 2017 edition was published in Fall 2016.