Dean Jean Zu greeting faculty members

Goal C1:

Faculty are the keystone of the institution. Stevens will be uncompromising in recruiting and retaining a faculty of the highest-quality from best-in-class institutions worldwide, in providing them with the environment to succeed, and in recognizing their achievements through promotion and competitive compensation. This will include faculty development programs, incentives, transparent teaching load and research buyout policies, junior and senior Chairs, faculty awards, junior faculty mentoring, etc. Stevens will strategically invest in growing the tenure-stream faculty, with the aim of transforming our performance and productivity in research and scholarship, graduate studies, and thus prestige and reputation.

Owner: Provost JIANMIN QU

Goal C2:

Stevens will develop and sustain a welcoming and supportive work environment that fosters a culture of excellence by applying best-in-class practices and services to advance the overall mission, goals, and strategies of the University through the acquisition, development, retention, recognition, and support of a diverse, inclusive, and engaged faculty and staff.

Owner: Vice President Warren Petty

Goal C3:

Compared to our 2011 baseline, our faculty will increasingly reflect greater diversity from multiple perspectives, including gender and ethnicity. In particular, we will target that at least 30 percent of all new full-time faculty hires will be women in order to increase the percentage of full-time female faculty from the Fall 2016 baseline of 24.6 percent. In addition, we will aim to increase the number of underrepresented minority faculty in our full-time tenure and non-tenure stream faculty by at least two-thirds from the Fall 2016 baseline of nine. We will continue to diversify the administration and staff of Stevens. We will foster an inclusive institutional climate to ensure the retention of all faculty and staff, particularly female and underrepresented minority members.

Owners: Provost JIANMIN QU, Executive Director Susan Metz

Goal C4:

All salaries (faculty at all levels and disciplines, administrative and staff positions) at Stevens will be benchmarked against an appropriate peer group to ensure quality and ability to attract the very best talent, taking into account the cost of living in the metropolitan area.

Owner: Vice President Warren Petty

Goal C5:

By 2022, a significant percentage of Stevens faculty will be serving in prestigious and influential professional service positions, e.g., on national advisory boards, editorial boards, and in positions of leadership within academic and industry associations. By 2022, we will achieve a steady-state level of at least 3 percent of tenure-stream faculty in sabbatical positions of influence in academic, government, industry, and non-profit sectors.

Owner: Provost JIANMIN QU