A $150 million capital campaign, The Power of Stevens, was launched, with $85 million in gifts and pledges secured during the silent phase. A mobile-friendly and improved Stevens web site was launched. Stevens rose four places, to 71st, in the Fall 2016 edition of U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Colleges” issue. A multi-faceted approach to improve the campus visitor experience was initiated, including plans for improved signage, lobby upgrades, a virtual campus tour, improved visitor parking, and landscaping and hardscaping projects. Engagement with the City of Hoboken by students, faculty, and staff increased.

Hoboken skyline at night

Goal E1

The President’s Initiative for Excellence will be successfully completed, raising at least $30 million.

Owner: Vice President EDward EICHhorn

Completed. The President’s Initiative for Excellence surpassed its $30 million goal one full year ahead of schedule. Total gifts and pledges in FY13 were $26.3 million, a 91 percent increase over the prior year. Alumnus Greg Gianforte ’83 donated the largest single gift in Stevens history, $10 million, toward a new Academic Gateway Complex. The leadership phase of a major capital campaign was launched. Additional subsequent gifts, such as a $10 million pledge from Chairman Emeritus Larry Babbio, have continued the momentum started by the President’s Initiative for Excellence.

Goal E2

A philanthropy target of $70 million will be achieved in order to support key initiatives in the first five years of the strategic plan; an additional $100 million will be raised during the balance of its implementation.

Owner: Vice President Brodie Remington

In FY16, $20.6 million was raised, and the $150 million capital campaign, The Power of Stevens, was launched.

Year 5: The goal is $27M.  A $10M gift commitment will be secured and work toward a number of $1M+ possibilities is in progress.

Development Results: Gifts and Pledges (in million dollars)

Goal E3

The undergraduate giving rate will increase from a 2011 baseline of 17 percent1 to at least 23 percent by 2017 and 26 percent by 2022.

Owner: Vice President Brodie Remington

The undergraduate giving rate slipped to 17 percent compared to 18 percent in FY15, despite a record number of undergraduate alumni donors (2,647 in FY16 compared to 2,111 in FY12).  The number of contactable alumni is growing rapidly due to larger graduating classes, impacting the ratio of donors to contactable alumni. Graduates of the classes of 2000 to 2016 represent 40 percent of alumni, and it has proven challenging to secure regular annual gifts from young alumni.  

Year 5: An ambitious goal of 20 percent giving participation for FY17 has been set. Increased use of social media and giving incentives are being employed.

Undergraduate Alumni Giving Rate graph

  1. The 2011 baseline undergraduate giving rate was corrected from 18 percent to 17 percent.

Goal E4

We will achieve a 10-year growth in the value of the endowment, not including return on investment, of at least $60 million.

Owner: Vice President Brodie Remington

A total of $9,841,111 in new gifts and pledges was secured for the endowment during FY16.  A total of $3,009,972 came in as payments.

Year 5: A goal of $8M has been established, and there is a pipeline of prospective donors in place in order to reach this goal.   A focused effort to secure legacy (i.e., estate gift) commitments is underway.

Goal E5

We will develop and formalize mechanisms that ensure that our alumni are more engaged with Stevens faculty and students, with important and tangible benefits to all.

Owner: Vice President Brodie Remington

Attendance at FY16 events reached 1,579, 102 percent of goal.  Engagement measures were developed that will be used during FY17.

Year 5: The attendance goal for FY17 is 1,700.  The breadth and diversity of regional events to attract new attendees will be expanded.

Goal E6

Comprehensive review of current resources and future needs related to strategic communications and marketing will be completed.

Owners: President Nariman Farvardin And Vice President RANDY Greene


Goal E6-A

Enhance and expand the reputation and increase the prestige of Stevens Institute of Technology among peer institutions, graduate and undergraduate admissions stakeholder groups, business and industry, the media, and other key constituencies commensurate with our substantial contributions in research, our stellar educational and career outcomes, and our legacy of innovation.

Owner: Vice President Edward Stukane

The new, mobile-responsive Stevens website (Stevens.edu) was launched in March 2016, with a streamlined information architecture; a navigation based on user preferences; and a new design and targeted content to boost engagement.  The initial YoY comparison for the university’s web site for eight months post-launch is:

Stevens.edu March 15, 2015 - November 1, 2015 March 15, 2016 - November 1, 2016 Growth
Unique Pageviews 2,852,026 3,925,682 38%

In addition, special investments and targeted support also contributed to increases in the School of Business and Graduate Admissions page views.

School of Business March 15, 2015 - November 1, 2015 March 15, 2016 - November 1, 2016 Growth
Pageviews 179,854 274,493 52%
Graduate Admissions March 15, 2015 - November 1, 2015 March 15, 2016 - November 1, 2016 Growth
Pageviews 174, 281 272, 545 56%

Growth of social media channels continued during Year 4:

Social Media, Total Followers 2015 2016 YoY Change % Increase
Facebook 17,049 21,397 4,348 26%
Twitter 5,054 6,405 1,315 27%
Instagram 2,378 4,526 2,148 90%

Stevens’ ranking in U.S. News and World Report (USNWR) improved from 75th to 71st from the 2016 (published Fall 2015) to the 2017 (published Fall 2016) issue among 310 nationally ranked universities.

A President’s Report was published and disseminated nationally to alumni, friends, and opinion leaders nationally. 

Tier 1 media placements totaled 89 during Year 4, and prominent Tier 2 placements totaled 78 for an overall total of the top two categories of 167, compared to 175 in the prior year.  In addition to the Tier 1 and Tier 2 placements, multiple news distribution services carried the news of the Stevens Solar Decathlon victory.  It is estimated that the story appeared in 150 additional outlets globally.  

Year 5: Support the peer reputation enhancement strategy by significantly advancing the five-year turnaround story and very positive accomplishments of Stevens during President Farvardin’s first five years at the university.  Undertake a refined multi-marketing channel campaign which will also include additional earned media coverage in higher education, general technology and business media.

Launch a more extensive marketing campaign with high school counselors for the purpose of improving the USNWR counselor assessment score.

Support the School of Business and College of Arts and Letters admissions efforts. 

Goal E7

A compelling campus visitor experience will be created that conveys our rich history, our transformative aspirations for the future, the achievements of our alumni, our educational philosophy, our commitment to sustainability and our strong relationship with Hoboken.

Owners: Vice President Robert Maffia, Vice President Marybeth Murphy and Vice President Edward Stukane

A working group has been formed and progress is being made on a number of initiatives: (1) a campus-wide signage project; (2) an interactive campus map and virtual tour; (3) a redesign of lobbies in buildings on campus; (4) updates to the website to provide better information for visitors; and (5) landscape and site lighting.

Year 5: Continue all efforts initiated in Year 4.  Complete design and begin installation of campus-wide signage; launch virtual campus tour for Fall ‘17; complete identification of selected lobby upgrades and begin work; conclude parking analysis and recommend changes; develop comprehensive landscape master plan and install new site lighting in dark areas of campus including Palmer Circle, Schaefer Center, Burchard Terrace, and the road between the athletic field and Davidson Lab.

Goal E8

In partnership with key stakeholders from the City of Hoboken, we will develop a plan to further integrate and engage Stevens and our students within the local Hoboken community for the benefit of all.

Owners: President Nariman Farvardin, Vice President Marybeth Murphy And Vice President Robert Maffia

Partnerships continue to be strengthened and expanded between Stevens and various organizations and stakeholder groups within the City of Hoboken.  Highlights included:  Stevens THRIVE, an event to invite community partners and volunteer organizations to meet and recruit student volunteers; the Student Government Association’s and the Office of Academics’ “Week of Service;” sponsorship and participation in PropellerFest, the region’s first technology and innovation festival; book readings in collaboration with a local book store at DeBaun Auditorium; and the second annual STEM-a-thon, bringing eighth grade students from all of Hoboken’s public, private, and charter schools together for a day of STEM programming.  Faculty and student participation in Hoboken’s various initiatives, such as the Green Team, the CERT, sustainability efforts, and arts and music festivals continued. Additional efforts were focused on increasing the participation of community members in university programming and events through print advertising campaigns, community emails, and social media, as well as the development of targeted events for relationship building with Hoboken community members. 

A conservative estimate of Stevens' service contributions in Hoboken in AY 15-16 accounts for 1,463 students, faculty and staff volunteers and over 41,000 service hours.

Year 5: Continue these efforts in Year 5; engage Hoboken in the OnStage at Stevens programming.  

Goal E9 (Revised)

We will continue to seek an agreement with a partner institution that significantly enhances the work of the faculty and the learning opportunities for students from both universities.

Owners: President Nariman Farvardin And Provost George Korfiatis (Year 4) President Nariman Farvardin and Provost Christophe Pierre (Year 5)

Discussions have continued with potential partners, including international partners, to identify strategic institutional partners.

Year 5: Review objectives and renew efforts to identify strategic partners that have the potential to provide meaningful opportunities for students and enhance Stevens’ reputation and research impact. 

Goal E10

Stevens will pursue a small number (6-8) of strategic, long lasting institutional-level international partnerships that enhance our global presence and name recognition in strategic geographical locations.

Owners: President Nariman Farvardin And Provost George Korfiatis (Year 4) President Nariman Farvardin and Provost Christophe Pierre (Year 5)

Discussions have continued with potential partners and organizations to identify strategic international partners.

Year 5: Review objectives and renew efforts to identify strategic partners that have the potential to provide meaningful opportunities for students and enhance Stevens’ reputation and research impact.