To: All Students, Faculty and Staff
From: Robert Maffia, Vice President for Facilities and Campus Operations
Date: August 24, 2020
Subject: Cleaning and Disinfecting Protocols and Ventilation and Plumbing Enhancements

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

Since the start of the pandemic, much work has been done in the areas of sanitization, disinfection, personal protection, and mechanical and plumbing system upgrades to prepare the campus for the Fall semester. This memorandum provides a summary of the work done, including the most recent enhancements.

An enhanced cleaning program is in place. Spaces are sanitized and disinfected at least three times daily, the final treatment including an electrostatically applied hospital-grade, CDC approved disinfectant. Hand sanitizer stations have been installed throughout campus on all floors and at all elevator lobbies and building entrances. Classrooms, labs, residence hall common areas, and other high-touch locations are being provided with sanitizing wipes for users to clean surfaces before and after use.

Disposable masks were provided to all divisions for those who come to campus without their own mask. Acrylic dividers have been installed in all reception and transaction areas, in classrooms between faculty and students, and in office area workstations where 6ft distancing is not easily maintained. Signage has been put in place, reminding everyone of good distancing and hygiene protocol to protect themselves and others.

Touchless faucets, flush valves and paper towel dispensers are in the process of being installed in common restrooms that can accommodate them. Water bottle filling stations, located throughout campus, have had their water fountains disconnected, allowing only water bottle filling.

A comprehensive ventilation study was done, and a multitude of enhancements have been put in place in accordance with CDC and industry recommendations. Upgraded filters, HEPA filtered air recirculating units, and outside air maximization, are among the modifications made to increase ventilation effectiveness. These are coupled with operational changes such as running systems prior to daily occupancy and longer into the evenings, increased filter changing frequencies, and opening doors and windows in all possible locations, and testing CO2 levels in classrooms.

Residence halls are either served by 100% outside air units or have window air conditioning units and receive their outside air through operable windows. These units have been serviced and the filters cleaned and disinfected.

The Division of Facilities and Campus Operations will continue to work diligently throughout the year to ensure that all systems are running at their maximum efficiency and PPE supplies are well-stocked. If an area requires servicing, or you have any immediate issue or concern, please contact Frank LoCastro, Assistant Vice President for Facilities and Campus Operations at [email protected] or 201-216-3975.

Thank you for your patience, understanding and support during these difficult times and I wish you a safe and healthy year.

This message has been approved by the leadership of the sender's division.