In March, as the pandemic was spreading around the world, Stevens undertook the same steps most universities in the country were forced to undertake. That was to close our campus for health and safety reasons and send students home prior to the end of the semester. Though remote instruction was quickly in place, it is clear from our new and returning students and other stakeholders, that there is a strong desire to return to campus in the fall. We would all like to see that occur, but we know it must take place with a smart, deliberate, and organized approach.

The plans for reopening the Stevens campus and welcoming students, faculty and staff back for the fall semester, have been developed with the dual goals of: (i) supporting a safe and healthy campus environment for our community and, (ii) seeking to provide the best education and living experience possible for our students under these most challenging circumstances.

In response to the pandemic and consistent with guidance from the State of New Jersey, Stevens is preparing for an in-person, reduced-density university environment for Fall 2020.

Underlying our plans is a science-based approach to mitigation of infection. The university conducted extensive deliberations with students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends while also consulting state and federal requirements, guidelines and health information and experts during the creation of these plans.

Through this process we have determined a way forward, to achieve a Stronger, Safer Stevens:

  • In order to promote a healthy and safe environment for the Stevens community this fall, Stevens will integrate classroom-based teaching and learning with hybrid and online learning options.
  • We will resume reduced-density residential campus living, and phase in some student activities such as athletics while temporarily pausing others such as public performances. We will also initiate the return of campus-based business operations.
  • Access to the campus and facilities will be strictly controlled, and buildings and spaces will be upgraded, redesigned and sanitized very regularly to promote health and safety.
  • Stevens will follow COVID-19 health and safety guidelines and practices including social distancing, additional cleaning and disinfection and continual education about COVID-19 precautions.
  • COVID-19 testing will be required of every member of the community within five days prior to returning to campus, and contact tracing will be performed as needed in the event of positive test results.

This Stronger, Safer Stevens website is an abbreviated guide to the key points of this reopening process.

It includes specific sections on Academics, Undergraduate and Graduate students, technology updates, building modifications, the newly created StevensFlex hybrid learning module, transportation, lab research, Athletics, the Library, the Bookstore, dining, housing and other aspects of Stevens life that will be affected or modified during this time.

One of the requirements from the state government is that every college and university provide its plans for reopening to the Office of the Secretary of Higher Education. Stevens reopening plan submission to that office may be found here

Remember that each of us shares a commitment and a personal responsibility to self-monitor health and follow the best available medical and social distancing practices in order to minimize the acquisition and transmission of infection. All Stevens COVID-19-related policies, procedures and protocols are binding upon all members of the Stevens community.

Together, we will promote a Stronger, Safer Stevens.


Stevens is committed to promoting a safe, healthy and flexible university and campus environment. Accordingly, due to various uncertainties generated by the COVID-19 pandemic, this information is subject to change and Stevens reserves the right to modify its programming, services and facilities as part of its ongoing efforts to maintain its educational activities and support the well-being of all members of the Stevens community.