Women at Stevens join sororities in search of a fulfilling undergraduate experience, leadership development, community service opportunities, and above all, sisterhood. Today, roughly 40% of undergraduate women belong to one of seven active sororities on campus.

Sororities made their first appearance on campus, not long after undergraduate women were admitted in 1971. When women first joined campus, fraternities on campus had “little sister” groups to partner with for social and service activities, but those groups were never sanctioned and the women were never given membership.

A group of nine women formed a local interest group, Zeta Omega, which later partnered with national organization Phi Sigma Sigma to form the Delta Zeta Chapter becoming the first sorority at Stevens in 1982. As the number of women students on campus continued to grow, so did the need for new organizations. In the last decade alone, the number of sororities doubled to include the seven active chapters on campus today.

Service is another major driving force of Stevens’ sororities, at a campus and national level, with every sorority having a philanthropic cause. All organizations fundraise for a chosen cause, and members volunteer time at nonprofit organizations in the Hoboken community. Joining a sorority at Stevens allows women students to make an impact on and off-campus while developing lifelong connections.

Sororities at Stevens

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