Sensing, Machine learning, and Robotics Technologies Laboratory

The mission of the Sensing, Machine learning and Robotics Technologies Lab (SMARTLab) is to create new knowledge, pursue engineering applications, and train future-generation professionals in signal processing, machine learning, robotics, and automation systems.

SMARTLab Members

Research Areas

  • Machine Learning, Signal Processing, and Control Theories and Methods

  • Computer Perception and Visual Understanding

  • Signal Processing for Next-Generation Wireless and Data Storage Systems

  • Distributed Sensing, Estimation, and Optimization

  • Medical Imaging, Brain-Computer Interface, and Assistive Technology

  • Autonomous Robotic Systems

  • Radar, Sonar, and Remote Sensing

  • Analysis and Design of Complex Networked Systems

  • Cyber-Physical Systems, Network Systems, Control, Optimization, and Artificial Intelligence

Current Projects