College of Arts and Letters
16 Oct 2019
Richardson Room (Morton 324)

Mindfulness: What Do You Guys Do in There?

Featuring: Lindsey Swindall, Teaching Assistant Professor at Stevens' College of Arts and Letters

On October 16, please join the College of Arts and Letters for the Humanities Forum, "Mindfulness: What Do You Guys Do in There?", presented by Lindsey Swindall, teaching assistant professor at Stevens.


Is mindfulness a valuable stress relieving practice or the new corporatized opiate of the masses? Mindfulness and mindfulness meditation have become increasingly common, but the practices are not always clearly defined or analyzed in depth. This lecture will take a stab at demystifying these ideas by offering some historical context and definitions. The potential benefits of these practices will also be highlighted alongside some of the most frequent critiques.

About Lindsey Swindall

Lindsey R. Swindall holds a doctorate in African american studies and teaches U.S. history and freshman experience courses at Stevens Institute of Technology. She has published numerous books and articles, and in May, 2019, her book The Path to the Greater, Freer, Truer World: Southern Civil Rights and Anticolonialism, 1937-1955 came out in paperback. Working with actor Grant Cooper, she has developed a dramatization of her biography of Paul Robeson for middle and high school students. She also co-facilitates public discussions about race and US history through the New Jersey Council for the Humanities Public Scholars Project.

To learn more about Swindall, please visit her website linked here. 

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