Program Architecture

The Technical Leadership Program is modular and architected into three phases (lenses) that align with a technical leader’s career progression. These three lenses offer participants an increasingly broader aperture through which to understand and hone their skills as technical leaders. This approach ensures that program participants are exposed to aspects of a technical leadership role that go beyond technology and domain expertise, to include knowing how to enhance business propositions within the context of an enterprise’s culture and strategy.

  • Systems Lens focuses on the technical product, system, or systems of systems and the leadership challenges encountered during all lifecycle phases of definition, design, systems engineering, development, production and support in the presence of high ambiguity, rapid change and challenging non-technical constraints.
  • Business Lens focuses on the business and collaborative dynamics of a complete technical project and the leadership challenges associated with designing, implementing, managing and improving the processes, teaming, and organizational infrastructure through which a complex technical system is realized.
  • Enterprise Lens focuses on the entire enterprise and the leadership challenges encountered in driving sustainable near and long term enterprise growth, optimizing stakeholder and shareholder value, ensuring enterprise competitiveness, and implementing change initiatives through engineering and technology strategic planning.


Communications, Mentoring, Ethics and Technical Integrity are emphasis themes that cut across all three lenses to ensure that fundamental tenets of self-awareness, team-building and influencing others are pervasive learning threads across the lenses.