The Technical Leadership Program at Stevens Institute of Technology is supported by institute-wide faculty - who are industry experts and practitioners, researchers and academics. They possess a wealth of industry and government experience across diverse domains.

Dr. Val Gavito
Distinguished Service Professor and Program Architect, Technical Leadership (formerly Senior VP
and CTO, L-3 Communications, IS)

Ms. Debra Facktor Lepore
Industry Professor, Program Director, Technical Leadership and Director of Strategic Programs, Systems Engineering Research Center "SERC" (President of the Women in Aerospace (WIA) Foundation, Inc. and former Chair of the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) Space Council)

Dr. Michael Pennotti
Associate Dean (formerly Vice President Quality, Avaya)

Mr. William Robinson
Director, Systems Engineering Program (formerly
Vice President Quality, AT&T Bell Labs)

Mr. Ralph G. Giffin
Vice Provost (formerly Vice President Operations,
Lockheed Martin)

Dr. Dinesh Verma
Dean, School of Systems and Enterprises
(formerly Technical Director, Lockheed Martin -Undersea Division)

Dr. Peter Dominick
Associate Professor (formerly, Corporate HR, Itochu International)

Dr. Ann Murphy
Associate Dean and Director of Undergraduate Studies
(formerly Consultant and CPA, Arthur Andersen)

Dr. William D. Guth
Visiting Scholar
(formerly Chairman, Management and Strategy Department, Stern School of Business, NYU)

Dr. Murrae Bowden
Industry Professor and Director of EMBA Programs
(formerly Director R&D, Arch Chemicals)

Dr. Zvi Aronson
Assistant Professor (formerly Researcher, Bakara Ltd.)

Dr. Wiley Larson
Assistant Dean and Director, Space Systems
Engineering Program (concurrently Managing Editor,
DOD's/NASA's Space Technology Series)

Dr. Jon Wade
Associate Dean of Research (formerly Executive Vice
President, International Game Technology)

Ms. Jennifer Bayuk
Director, Systems Security Engineering Program
(formerly CISO, Bear Stearns & Co., Inc.)

Dr. Anthony Barrese
Associate Dean (formerly Vice President and
General Manager, NCR Corporation)