About CCSE

The United States faces significant challenges -- and compelling opportunities -- in our enterprises that provide healthcare, urban systems, finance and security. While private sector companies play important roles in these enterprises, the whole enterprise system associated with any of these domains must be characterized as a large-scale public-private enterprise. Transforming these public-private enterprises -- to address challenges and take advantage of opportunities -- presents daunting hurdles. These enterprises are laced with vested interests and conflicting objectives. Quite rationally, major stakeholders do their best to avoid marginalization of their investments in the status quo.

Stevens has found that a powerful mechanism for addressing such problems involves multi-level computational models of such enterprises, coupled with compelling interactive visualizations that enable key stakeholders to drive the future before they write the check. Such mechanisms enable strong discussions and debates in computational worlds where ideas and opinions are translated into strategies and policies that play out, showing consequences, both anticipated and emergent. At the very least, this enables rapidly evaluation and elimination of many bad ideas.

Developing such computational models in a reasonable amount of time and cost requires a principled approach that involves much re-use of computational modules. We have developed a modeling paradigm that, to date, appears to enable modeling any complex enterprise. Our test cases have thus far been in healthcare and security; with very early forays into energy.

Most complex organizational systems involve phenomena at multiple levels. At the bottom level are human activities and work -- assembling components, delivering services, or combating adversaries. At the next higher level, there are processes that deliver the physical resources and information that enables human activities and work. At the next level, there are organizations, often independent businesses, which own processes or elements of processes, which they operate in pursuit of their own market objectives.

The goal of this initiative is to enable rapid conceptualization, development and validation of multi-level computational models, with associated interactive visualizations, for exploration of the types of issues outlined above. Using the framework described above the CCSE focuses its research of four key domains - Healthcare Delivery, Financial Systems, Urban Resilience and National Security.