Faculty Profile

Dr. Mark Blackburn

Building: Babbio
Room: 539
Phone: 561.637.3452
Email: mark.blackburn@stevens.edu
School:  School of Systems & Enterprises
Department:  School of Systems and Enterprises
Research Center:  Center for Complex Systems and Enterprises


  • Ph.D. from George Mason University
  • M.S. in Mathematics (emphasis in C.S.) from Florida Atlantic University
  • B.S. in Mathematics (C.S. option) from Arizona State University



Dr. Blackburn is primarily responsible for research focused on methods and automated tools for reasoning about computer-based systems. His research combines tools, formal methods, modeling, simulation, visualization and computation in support of design, architecting, and testing. Current interests include embedding model-based verification mechanisms into run-time verification of complex adaptive systems and cyber physical systems, and research in use of Bayesian networks for prediction, estimation and decision-making.

Dr. Blackburn is the Principle Investigator and Program Director on an FAA NextGen Project developing an analysis and modeling framework for asynchronous integration. He has been the Principal Investigator to the National Institute of Standards and Technology on ten continuously running projects dating back to 2000 involving model-based tools and methods for verification and validation of security-related products and applications.           

Dr. Blackburn has received over $10 million dollars from industry primarily focused on applied research in formal method-based modeling, analysis, simulation, and test generation tools and methods.
Professional Service

Dr. Blackburn is an inventor and entrepreneur with more than twenty-five years of software systems engineering experience in development, management and research, and is a principal with T-VEC Technologies, and KnowledgeBytes. He co-invented the theorem proving-based test vector generation system called T-VEC, and associated suite of modeling tools.

  • SSW 689 Software Reliability Engineering
  • SYS 810 Selected Topics in Systems Engineering