Dr. Kathryn Abel
Industry Professor; Undergraduate Director, Engineering Management

Dr. Mark  Ardis
Distinguished Service Professor

Professor James Armstrong
Industry Professor

Dr. Anthony Barrese
Distinguished Service Professor & Associate Dean

Dr. Mark Blackburn
Associate Professor *

Dr. Nicholas Bowen
Industry Professor

Dr. Dragos Bozdog
Teaching Associate Professor, Financial Engineering Division, and Deputy Director of The Hanlon Financial Systems Lab

Dr. John Casti
Senior Research Fellow

Dr. Rupak Chatterjee
Industry Professor

Dr. Robert Cloutier
Associate Professor *

Dr. Robbie  Cohen
Industry Professor

Zhenyu Cui
Assistant Professor *

Dr. Cheryl Dugas
Industry Professor

Dr. Wilson Felder
PhD, Visiting Distinguished Service Professor

Dr. Ionut Florescu
Research Associate Professor, FSL Director *

Dr. Valentin Gavito
Distinguished Service Professor; Program Architect, Technical Leadership

Stacey Gelman
Professor & Software Engineering Program Director

Professor Ralph Giffin
Vice Provost, Strategic Initiatives - Director, Systems Division (A)

Dr. Yeganeh M. Hayeri
Assistant Professor

Dr. Babak Heydari
Assistant Professor *

Dr. Steven Hoffenson
Assistant Professor

Professor Eirik Hole
Professor of Design

Dr. Luca Iandoli
Visiting Scholar

Dr. Roger Jones
Research Fellow

Dr. Jonathan Kaufman
Affiliate Associate Professor of Quantitative Finance & Financial Engineering

Dr. Khaldoun Khashanah
Distinguished Service Professor Director, Financial Engineering Division School of Systems and Enterprises

Professor Linda Laird
Industry Professor

Dr. Peter Lin
Industry Professor

Dr. Thomas Lonon

Dr. Mo Mansouri
Assistant Professor *

Dr. Somayeh Moazeni
Assistant Professor*

Dr. Roshanak Nilchiani
Assistant Professor *

Dr. Michael  Pennock
Assistant Professor *

Dr. Michael Pennotti
Distinguished Service Professor *

Dr. Arthur Pyster
Distinguished Research Professor; Chief Operating Officer of the Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC)

Dr. Jose Ramirez-Marquez
Associate Professor; Engineering Management Program Director *

Professor Bill Robinson
Industry Professor

Dr. William Rouse
Alexander Crombie Humphreys Professor and Director, CCSE *

Dr. Nicoleta Serban
Research Fellow

Earl Sprague

Dr. David Starer
Industry Professor for the Financial Engineering Program

Dr. Richard Turner
Distinguished Service Professor

Dr. Dinesh Verma
Dean and Professor, School of Systems and Enterprises, and Executive Director, Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC) *

Dr. Gregg Vesonder
Industry Professor and Director, Research, Systems and Software Division *

Dr. Jon  Wade
Distinguished Research Professor, Chief Technology Officer of the Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC)

Professor Alex Washburn
Industry Professor for Design

Dr. Steve Yang
Assistant Professor *

Dr. Ye Yang
Associate Professor

Zhongyuan Yu
Assistant Research Professor

Dr. Teresa Zigh
Industry Professor

* These faculty members are available to serve as Doctoral Advisors.