Frequently Asked Questions

Who should join the Stevens Chapter of ASEM?
The ASEM is a great organization for any student at Stevens to join. But we especially recommend becoming associated with the ASEM if you are an undergraduate or graduate student studying Engineering Management, Systems Engineering, Software Engineering, Financial Engineering, and a number of other systems and management related majors. Everyone is Welcome!
Why should I study engineering management anyway?
Engineering Management is a unique discipline that uses engineering skills and knowledge in managing large scale projects.  It links all other types of engineers from civil and mechanical to chemical and electrical in accomplishing organizational results through the leadership of knowledge-workers and the appropriate application of technology. Engineering Managers get the job done by faster, better, and cheaper. It's all about effectiveness, efficiency, optimization, and integration.
How do I become involved?
Contact us! Do not hesitate to email us at [email protected] to find out more about us, when our next meetings our, how to become a part of the Stevens Chapter, and how to become a member of the National ASEM Body. Keep an eye out on our website to be kept up to date with upcoming events and activities held every month.
What can ASEM do for me?
The ultimate goal of the ASEM is to promote and encourage the expansion of Engineering Management and its values. But we also strive to help you progress in your career. The ASEM is helpful when it comes time to search for a full time job upon graduation. We also strive to help every EM student get to know their professors. The more you network, the farther you will go!