Welcome to "Entrepreneurship and Business for Engineers and Scientists" (TG 401 and 501) !! You are receiving this message because you appear on the registered-students list for this course. My name is Carl Pavarini, and I am the instructor for this course. I am a visiting executive at Stevens, and a retired vice president of Lucent Technologies. These days, I do some teaching and I work with start-up companies. I teach this course based on my experience as an engineer and (later) business person in the high technology industry. Our class meets every Thursday afternoon from 3-6pm. It is likely that the currently-assigned classroom (K390) will be changed, as it is too small....I will email you when the new room is identified. The "textbook" for the course is a specially prepared volume of selected journal articles and real business "cases." The folks at the bookstore tell me it will be available by Monday and probably sooner. I encourage you to purchase the casebook prior to the first class and review the detailed course syllabus, which is the first entry in the book. From it, you will get a good sense of the course objectives, topics, administration, and assignments. (Be advised that the casebook is a non-refundable purchase, due to the nature of the materials in it.)

If you have any questions, please contact me via email ( [email protected] ).

Regards, Carl

Team Assignments

Initial Team Assignments

E = engineering management,
T = technology management,
C = computer eng,
M = mechanical eng,
Ch = chemical eng,
EE = electrical eng,
O = other eng,
S = science

Team 1: Davidovich (E), Gonzales (T), Angad (C), Brown (M), Desai (EE)

Team 2: Monchinski (E), Molski (T), Karas (EE), Kareem (Ch), Naim (C)

Team 3: Munley (E), Nadler (T), Nguyen (C), Sutton (O), Stephan (EE)

Team 4: Pitchika (E), Tjokrorahardjo (T), Nikow (C), Meyer (S), Hoyt (EE)

Team 5: Steen (E), Vasko (T), Otin (C), Sweeney (EE), Horsford (Ch)

Team 6: Tomesko (E), Vaid (T), Visone (E), Umholtz (EE), Powell (O)

Team 7: Eckhart (E), D'Urso (T), Singh (EE), Tanskey (Ch), Kaewchalermtong (O)