The Systems Design and Operational Effectiveness (SDOE) program is an international leader in engineering education and offers flexible delivery formats tailored to practitioners and working professionals. The School of Systems and Enterprises offers Graduate Certificates, Master's and Doctoral degrees in Systems Engineering and Enterprise Systems through the SDOE program's modular format. Graduate Certificates include: Enterprises Systems and Governance, Systems Engineering Management, Systems Engineering and Architecting, Systems Supportability and Engineering, Space Systems Engineering, Software Engineering, Systems Security Engineering and more.

SDOE Program Highlights:  

  • Courses offered in intensive five-day modular formats, either across a single week or split 3-days/2-days with a 3 week intersession
  • Courses taught by Industry Professors and SSE Faculty with robust industry experience across diverse domain areas including Aerospace, Information Technology, Telecommunications, and Defense
  • Relevant course materials and associated group exercises ensure development of team building and leadership skills
  • Pre-reading materials are provided in advance of the weeklong class
  • Courses can be taken for graduate credit, or for non-credit continuing education and professional development purposes
  • Students taking classes for credit have ten weeks subsequent to the end of the class to complete homework and project assignments
  • Continuing Education Credits (CEU's) are issued to all students taking courses for non-credit.

The SDOE program has developed alliances with numerous industry and government agencies.   The figure below represents a selection of the resulting partnerships in the area of systems engineering education and research that has occurred as part of the SDOE program.