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Master of Science in Systems Security Engineering

The Systems Security Engineering Master's Degree is designed to prepare both government and private sector systems professionals to thwart both current and emerging threats using systems security engineering methods, tools, and processes. The program combines a robust technical education in security systems design, development, and operations with a holistic understanding of systems engineering principles. It is a unique program that focuses on outcomes rather than checklists to meet goals for systems security and information assurance. The Master's Degree requires 10 courses (equivalent to 30 credits). The following 6-course sequence satisfies the core course requirements for a Master of Science Degree in Systems Security Engineering.

Core Courses

  • SES 602 Secure Systems Foundations
  • SES 603 Secure Systems Laboratory
  • SES 622 Fundamentals of Systems Engineering Security*
  • SES 623 Systems Security Architecture and Design**
  • EM 612 Project Management of Complex Systems
  • SYS 605 Systems Integration

*Note: SES 602 and SES 603 are prerequisites for SES 622
**SES 622 is a perquisite for SES 623

To complete the required ten courses, the required courses must be supplemented with one course from each of the three concentrations:  Information Assurance, Security Governance, and Security Technology.  The remaining course requirement must also be taken from this list. Note that some courses have necessary prerequisites.

Concentration Electives

Note that some courses have necessary prerequisites. 

Security Technology

  • CS 665: Network Forensics
  • CS 576 Secure Systems
  • CS 577 Cybersecurity Laboratory
  • CPE 592 Multimedia Network Security
  • EE 584 Wireless Systems Security

Technology Governance

  • CS 548 Engineering of Enterprise Software Systems
  • MIS 646 Enterprise Architectures for Information Security
  • MIS 647 Information Security and the Law
  • CS 578 Privacy in a Network World
  • SYS 625 Systems Engineering Fundamentals

Information Assurance

  • CS 573 Fundamentals of Cybersecurity
  • MIS 645 Cyber Security Principles
  • MIS 648 Risk Analysis and the Economics of Safety
  • CS 675: Secure Computer Systems
  • CPE 691 Information Systems Security

Graduate Certificate in Systems Security Engineering

This certificate integrates crucial topics spanning the lifecycle of secure systems.  Participants are provided hands-on assignments focusing on: technology governance, security requirements, secure systems architecture, systems engineering security, and information assurance.

  • SES 602 Secure Systems Foundations
  • SES 603 Secure Systems Laboratory
  • SES 622 Fundamentals of Systems Engineering Security
  • SES 623 Systems Security Architecture and Design


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