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Requirements for a Master's in Systems Engineering

The master's degree is a multidisciplinary program that includes a combination of engineering, systems thinking and management courses. Graduates from this program will be prepared to work effectively at the interface between engineering and management and to assume professional positions of increasing responsibility. The Master's program consists of ten courses (six core and four advisor directed electives).

Required Core Courses

  • SYS 605 Systems Integration
  • SYS 625 Fundamentals of Systems Engineering
  • SYS 650 System Architecture and Design
  • EM 612 Project Management of Complex Systems
  • SYS 800 Special Problems in Systems Engineering (Master's Project)

Elective Courses

*Applicable Elective Courses (up to 5 elective courses can be selected by the candidate). One elective in a quantitative course is required. Quantitative electives include SYS 611, SYS 645, SYS 660, SYS 681, SYS 670, or other as approved by your advisor.

  • SYS 611 Modeling and Simulation
  • SYS 655 Robust System Design
  • SYS 660 Decision and Risk Analysis
  • ES 684 Systems Thinking
  • EM 655 Integrated Supply Chain Management
  • SYS 670 Forecasting and Demand Modeling Systems
  • SYS 640 System Supportability and Logistics
  • SYS 645 Design for System Reliability, Maintainability and Supportability

These electives are for illustrative purposes only. Additional electives from other SSE programs, engineering disciplines and management are also available to students. Selection of electives must be approved and coordinated with a faculty advisor.

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