Space Systems Engineering

Why Study Space Systems Engineering?

From market and technological changes to policy and budgetary uncertainty, the space industry has been faced with increasing challenges that transcend technical boundaries. The Master of Engineering in Space Systems Engineering at Stevens, delivered by the primary authors in the field of space systems today, provides experienced professionals with the edge needed to excel in this increasingly complex and competitive industry. Stevens is a recognized provider of Space Systems Engineering education to NASA employees and space industry professionals worldwide, taught in partnership with Teaching Science and Technology, Inc. (TSTI). In today's space related enterprises, change is the only constant. To fully utilize existing opportunities and explore new ones within a modern space-centric enterprise, it is crucial to have both the technical knowledge necessary to design cutting edge space missions and associated products, as well as the systems knowledge that is required to operate in an increasingly complex technical, business and policy environment. The graduate certificate in space systems engineering and the master's degree in either space systems engineering or systems engineering with a concentration in space systems, allow professionals working in government and the private space-related enterprises to combine robust technical education in space systems design and development, key space systems processes and tools with a holistic understanding of systems engineering principles.

Message from Program Lead

Astronomical.  That might be the right word for the challenges facing today’s space programs.  We’ve seen the cancellation of NASA’s flagship Constellation program and the retirement of the Space Shuttle, leaving the United States with no indigenous means of sending astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS).  At the same time, technical problems have occasionally visited even the most trusted of human space-launch vehicles, Russia’s Soyuz.  Set against the backdrop of a painful economic recession, the upshot is that many agencies and companies are searching for ways to reinvent and reorient themselves to adapt to the new realities.  Space just isn’t what it used to be. 
Dr. Robert Cloutier, Associate Professor & Program Lead 

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