Master of Science in Software Engineering

The Master of Science in Software Engineering prepares students to lead software development projects by exploring project management techniques and by offering practical education in the latest advances in information technology. Students learn to ensure the delivery of reliable software by studying programming, quality assessment, design, and management and by learning to provide high-quality technical leadership.

The degree consists of 7 required core courses, 1 capstone studio and either 2 student/advisor selected electives or *2 ramp courses.

Required Core Courses:

  • SSW 540 Fundamentals of Software Engineering
  • SSW 564 Software Requirements Engineering
  • SSW 565 Software Architecture and Component-Based Design
  • SSW 555 Agile Development Methods
  • SSW 567 Software Testing and Quality Assurance
  • SSW 533 Software Estimation and Measurement
  • SSW 690 Software Engineering Studio

*Based on the evaluation of academic and relevant experience, the graduate program director may require some applicants to successfully complete ramp courses to fill in any gaps in their background. These courses can be counted as electives.

Graduate Certificates

The School of Systems & Enterprises offers several four course, 12-credit graduate certificate programs geared to practitioners and students who:

  • Are interested in improving their current skills and technical competencies,
  • Are considering new career paths within industry,
  • Have been out of school for sometime, and want to resume their studies without committing to a full 30-credit master's degree program, or
  • Already hold an advanced degree, but wish to continue their studies in a new or related area.

Credits earned in a graduate certificate can be applied toward a master's degree. Visit the graduate certificate page for a complete listing.

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Student Testimonial

Getting a master’s degree from Stevens has been an outstanding investment towards my career as a software engineer in IT services.  The program’s theoretical and practical structure has helped me better understand concepts involved in managing software projects and products end-to-end. The faculty's industry understanding and academic knowledge provided a real time up to date learning experience for me. I would definitely recommend the program to anyone looking for a top-notch education and opportunities beyond what you ever expected.

Adam Platt
MS, Software Engineering, 2012