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Software Engineering Graduate Co-op Program

Starting with Spring 2010, the Cooperative Education office will be providing services to Software Engineering (SSW) graduate students.  This means that if you are interested in having a cooperative education job while you are completing your graduate work in SSW, it is now possible. TO QUALIFY:

  • Complete a semester (or two semesters for international students) of study in Software Engineering prior to a co-op work term.   (International students must apply two semesters before they intend to co-op.   For example, a student who began Stevens in F09 could apply in F09, and co-op in F10.)  
  • 3.5 GPA in courses taken toward your SSW graduate degree.
  • Complete at least 3 SSW graduate courses toward your degree.
  • Provide a letter to the SSW Program Director outlining your goals in pursuing cooperative education during your graduate work.
  • If you are international, provide a completed CPT form from the International Student Advisor

The deadline for providing the letter to the SSW Program Director outlining your goals for cooperative education is November 12 th , 2009 .   Please address the letter to Linda Laird as indicated below.* PARTICIPATION AND COURSE REQUIREMENTS:

  • Attend all Workplace Preparation Meetings conducted by the Office of Cooperative Education:   Introduction Meeting, Resume Writing, Interviewing Techniques, Making the Most of your Co-op Assignment, and Ethics in the Workplace from an IT Perspective
  • Be available to interview for positions identified by Co-op Staff
  • All Cooperative Education positions are full time work for the duration of one semester or two consecutive semesters.   Work Terms available:   spring, spring/summer, summer/fall & fall.
  • Upon acceptance of a position the Office of Cooperative Education will enroll you in D 701 and you will be charged an administrative fee of $350.00 (currently) for the semester.
  • In order to receive a pass/fail grade on your transcript for zero credit, you and your manager must complete and sign:   the Learning Agreement, Snap-Shot, and End-of-Term Assessment forms.
  • All positions will be generated by the Co-Op Office.

A student may take no more than two graduate classes while on co-op assignment.  A student may choose to participate in a second co-op work term after completing an additional semester of full-time study, however student participation in co-op work term cannot be the reason for a program extension.  Co-op graduate students may not be eligible for graduate assistantships, on-campus employment or receive support from the college or university while on a co-op work term.  --------------------------------------- *Linda Laird Dir., Software Engineering School of Systems and Enterprises Stevens Institute of Technology Hoboken, New Jersey 07030 p (908) 803-0288 f (201) 216 - 5541

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