Software Engineering

The Software Engineering program at Stevens Institute of Technology creates and teaches the leading practices for software development and management, and is one of the few programs which integrates software engineering with software assurance and systems engineering.


At Stevens, we offer flexible master's degrees and graduate certificates for current and aspiring software engineering practioners. Our courses teach you the latest and best software engineering skills and theory, to allow you to effectively architect, build and maintain both large and small scale systems.
The Master of Science program in Software Engineering (SSW) emphasizes the skills needed to apply software technologies to the realization of software products on time, within budget and with known quality.  It is a systems-oriented approach to building software products and embedded software in other products. The Master of Science in Software Engineering is geared towards the following students:

  • The formally educated computer professional who aspires to a managerial career and wants comprehensive hands-on training in the skills needed to identify customer requirements, develop software designs, manage a software development team and evaluate the resulting software product relative to customer specifications
  • The formally educated computer professional who wants to remain an individual contributor yet needs to employ systems thinking, manage outsourced projects and attain a solid foundation in the practical application of engineering technologies to the realization of software products
  • The computer professional whose educational background is not in computer science or computer engineering, but who has learned software skills on the job and who now needs software and systems engineering education
  • The student who plans a career in business management or investment in software intensive industries
  • The systems engineer whom needs a firm base in software concepts

Message from the Program Lead

At SSE, our mission is to teach the leading practices for software development and management. Our courses are designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to efficiently and effectively architect, engineer, plan, acquire and manage both complex and simple software-intensive systems.

Linda Laird, Industry Professor and Software Engineering Program Lead

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