The School of Systems and Enterprises at Stevens is engaged in a variety of research projects dealing with different aspects of complex socio-technical systems.  

Center for Complex Adaptive Socio-technological Systems (COMPASS)

The Center for Complex Adaptive Socio-technological Systems (COMPASS)  is a premier research center focused on complex engineered systems analysis and design. Its infrastructure research focuses on infrastructure resilience and sustainability for transportation and energy infrastructure. Researchers at COMPASS are also engaged in research on Smart Power Grids and transportation network resilience and security. In addition new research projects deal with assessing the necessary systems and technologies for transitioning into a hydrogen economy.

National Center for Secure and Resilient Maritime Systems (CSR)

The National Center for Secure and Resilient Maritime Systems (CSR) is a Center of Excellence in Maritime and Port security and resilience studies and conducts research on various aspects of maritime infrastructure resilience in the face of natural and man-made disasters.

Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC)

The Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC) is the largest Systems engineering research center in the United States and the World and supports projects that are critical to a better understanding of complex engineered systems, including infrastructure systems.

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