Graduate Degree Requirements


COURSETITLEMaster of Engineering*Master of Science*
EM600Engineering Economics and Cost AnalysisCORE (3)ElectiveElectiveElective
EM605Elements of Operations ResearchCOREElectiveElectiveElective
EM612Project Management of Complex SystemsCORECOREElectiveElective
EM620Engineering Cost Management  Elective (3)Elective Elective
EM665Integrated Supply Chain Management ElectiveElective  
EM680Designing and Managing the Development SystemCOREElectiveElectiveElective
EM800Special Problems in Engineering ManagementElective   
ES684Systems ThinkingElectiveElective Elective
FE510Introduction to Financial Engineering     (6) 
FE540Probability Theory for FE  ElectiveElective
FE610Stochastic Calculus for Financial EngineersElectiveElective COREElective
FE620Pricing and HedgingElectiveElective COREElective
FE621Computational FinanceElectiveElective COREElective
FE630Portfolio Theory and ApplicationsElectiveElective COREElective
FE680Advanced Derivatives   COREElective
FE800Project in Financial Engineering  CORE (5) 
FE900Masters Thesis in Financial Engineering  CORE (5) 
SSW533Software Cost Estimation and MetricsElectiveElectiveElectiveCORE
SSW540Fundamentals of Software EngineeringElectiveElectiveElectiveCORE
SSW564Software Requirements Analysis and EngineeringElectiveElectiveElectiveCORE
SSW565Software Architecture and Component-Based DesignElectiveElectiveElectiveCORE
SSW567Software Testing, Quality Assurance and MaintenanceElectiveElectiveElectiveCORE
SSW687Engineering of Large Software SystemsElectiveElectiveElectiveElective
SSW689Software Reliability EngineeringElectiveElectiveElectiveCORE
SSW810Selected Topics in Software Engineering   Elective
SYS605Systems IntegrationElectiveCOREElectiveElective
SYS611Modeling and SimulationCORECORE(2) Elective
SYS625Fundamentals of Systems EngineeringCORECOREElectiveElective
SYS632Designing Space Missions and Systems ElectiveElective Elective
SYS635Human SpaceflightElectiveElective Elective
SYS640Systems Supportability and LogisticsElectiveElective Elective
SYS645Design for Reliability, Maintainability & SupportabilityElectiveElective Elective
SYS650System Architecture and DesignElectiveCOREElectiveElective
SYS655Robust Engineering DesignElectiveElective Elective
SYS660Decision and Risk AnalysisElectiveCORE(2) Elective
SYS670Forecasting and Demand Modeling Systems ElectiveCORE(2) Elective
SYS800Special Problems in Systems Engineering CORE  
SYS900Thesis in Systems Engineering Elective  
 Graduate Computer Science (CS) and MIS courses*   Elective

Notes: Masters Degrees (1) Select one of these three courses for the sixth CORE course for an SE Masters (2) EM600 is a CORE course but students who have taken an undergraduate class in engineering economics may substitute EM620 with their advisor's permission (3) Select one of these two for the Logistics and Supply Chain Analysis Graduate Certificate (4) Students should select one of these two CORE courses for the FE Masters (5) Students without background in FE must take FE510 (not for credit) as a prerequisite. See your advisor. * Other Electives are available ,see  and talk to your faculty advisor