Graduate Certificate Requirements

+ SEA (Systems Engineering and Architecting), SSE (Systems and Supportability Engineering), SpSE (Space Systems Engineering), SEM (Systems Engineering Management), EM (Engineering Management), FE (Financial Engineering), FSwE (Financial Software Engineering), LSCA (Logistics and Supply Chain Analysis), SSW (Software Engineering), SCSE (Systems-Centric Software Engineering)

COURSETITLE                     Graduate Certificates+               
EM600Engineering Economics and Cost Analysis      X     
EM605Elements of Operations Research      X  X(4)  
EM612Project Management of Complex Systems  X    X  X      X
EM620Engineering Cost Management            
EM665Integrated Supply Chain Management          X  
EM680Designing and Managing the Development System     X  X     
FE510Introduction to Financial Engineering      (6)    
FE610Stochastic Calculus for Financial Enggineers       X  X   
FE620Pricing and Hedging       X  X   
FE621Computational Finance       X    
FE630Portfolio Theory and Applications       X    
FE680Advanced Derivatives          
SSW533Software Cost Estimation and Metrics          X 
SSW540Fundamentals of Software Engineering       X   X  X
SSW564Software Requirements Analysis and Engineering         (1) 
SSW565Software Architecture and Component-Based Design       X  (1)  X
SSW567Software Testing, Quality Assurance and Maintenance         (1) 
SSW687Engineering of Large Software Systems         (1) 
SSW689Software Reliability Engineering         (1) 
SYS605Systems Integration  X         
SYS611Modeling and Simulation       X(4)  
SYS625Fundamentals of Systems Engineering  X  X  X  X       X
SYS632Designing Space Missions and Systems     X       
SYS635Human Spaceflight    X       
SYS640Systems Supportability and Logistics   X       X  
SYS645Design for Reliability, Maintainability & Supportability   X        
SYS650System Architecture and Design  X  X  X       
SYS660Decision and Risk Analysis     X      
SYS670Forecasting and Demand Modeling Systems          X  

Notes: Graduate Certificates (1) Select two of these for the second two courses under the Software Engineering (SSW) graduate certificate