Online Perpetual Calendar

Online Perpetual Calendar

Engineering Management Focus Courses

COURSE TITLE Instructor(s)SpringSummerFall
EM600 Engineering Economics and Cost Analysis Douglas Fain, Don Merino    X     X  X 
EM605 Elements of Operations Research Teri Zigh    X     X  
EM612 Project Management of Complex Systems Douglas Fain(Lead), Mary Anne Rizk, Stas Tarchalski    X     X  X 
EM620 Engineering Cost Management   John Farr           X 
EM665 Integrated Supply Chain Management  David Nowicki    X       
EM680 Designing and Managing the Development System Brian Sauser, John MikrukX    X  X 
EM800 Special Problems in Engineering Management Kate Abel    *     *   * 
ES684 Systems ThinkingBrian Sauser    X  


Financial Engineering Focus Courses

FE510 Introduction to Financial Engineering Khaldoun Khashanah    *     *   * 
FE540Probability Theory for FEKhaldoun Khashanah    X  
FE610 Stochastic Calculus for Financial Engineers Khaldoun Khashanah    X     X   X 
FE620 Pricing and Hedging Jim Wang, Ionut Flouresco    X     X   X 
FE621 Computational Methods in Finance Jim Wang, Ionut Flouresco.     X     X   X 
FE630 Portfolio Theory and Applications Natasha Dexter    X     X   X 
FE680 Advanced Derivatives Cristian Pasarica    X     X 
FE800 Project in Financial Engineering Khaldoun Khashanah    X     X   
FE900 Masters Thesis in Financial Engineering Khaldoun Khashanah    *     *  * 

Systems Security Engineering Focus Courses

COURSE TITLE Instructor(s)SpringSummerFall
SES602Secure Systems FoundationsJennifer Bayuk, Rick Dove    X       
SES603Secure Systems LaboratoryJennifer Bayuk          
SES622Fundamentals of Systems Engineering Security

Jennifer Bayuk

SES623Systems Security Architecture and DesignJennifer Bayuk         

Systems Software Engineering Focus Courses

COURSE TITLE Instructor(s)SpringSummerFall
SSW533 Software Cost Estimation and Metrics Linda Laird, Linda Cheng        X 
SSW540 Fundamentals of Software Engineering Gregg Vesonder    X     X   X 
SSW555Agile DevelopmentMark Ardis  X
SSW564 Software Requirements Analysis and Engineering Mark Ardis, Rich Turner    X     
SSW565 Software Architecture and Component-Based Design Gregg Vesonder    X     X   X 
SSW567 Software Testing, Quality Assurance and Maintenance Linda Laird, Linda Cheng      X    X 
SSW687 Engineering of Large Software Systems  Richard Turner      X 
SSW689 Software Reliability Engineering Linda Laird   X       
SSW810Selected Topics in Software EngineeringLinda Laird   X*    X* X*

Systems Engineering Focus Courses

COURSE TITLE Instructor(s)SpringSummerFall
SYS605 Systems Integration Bill Miller    X     X   X 
SYS611 Modeling and Simulation Mike Geller    X     X   X 
SYS625 Fundamentals of Systems Engineering 

Leslie Stevens, Dick Arra, Kristin Giammarco, Herb Burton, Moshiur Rahman

    X     X   X 
SYS632 Designing Space Missions and Systems  Jerry Sellers, Peter Swan, Jim Voss         X 
SYS635 Human Spaceflight Peter Swan, Jerry Sellers    X   
SYS640 Systems Supportability and Logistics Caroline Lubert      X 
SYS645 Design for Reliability, Maintainability & Supportability Bill Robinson     X X  
SYS650 System Architecture and Design Alice Squires,Ed Wojciechowski    X     X   X 
SYS655 Robust Engineering Design Caroline Lubert    X     
SYS660 Decision and Risk Analysis Fred Manzer, Jim WhalenX    X   X 
SYS670 Forecasting and Demand Modeling Systems  Teri Zigh    X     
SYS 710Research MethodologiesAli MostashariX  
SYS 750Advanced System and Software Architecture Modeling and AssessmentRob Cloutier  X
SYS800 Special Problems in Systems Engineering Mike Pennotti    X*     X*  X* 
SYS900 Thesis in Systems Engineering Mike Pennotti    *     *  * 

Enterprise Systems Focus Courses

COURSE TITLE Instructor(s)SpringSummerFall
ES684 Systems ThinkingBrian Sauser    X  

* Other Electives are available for these degrees, see and talk to your faculty advisor