Systems-Centric Software Engineering

Required courses for this Certificate include:

Modern society depends on large-scale software-intensive systems of astonishing complexity. For almost all interesting systems, the majority of the value is delivered through software and the majority of the engineering challenges are addressed through software. Because the consequences of failure in such systems are so high, it is vital that the software be assured or trustworthy; i.e., it has the characteristics that users depend on, including correctness, security, safety, and availability.  Applying best practices based on sound underlying principles is essential in building complex software-intensive systems. Such practices address ways to specify, design, implement, test, and evaluate these systems in ways that enhance their trustworthiness. The courses in the Certificate in  Systems-Centric Software Engineering address software engineering in a way that integrates critical aspects of systems engineering and incorporates best practices to make those systems trustworthy.

Audience:  This course sequence would be of interest to a formally educated computer professional who aspires to a managerial career and needs the skills required to understand systems aspects of software intensive systems and an integration team and evaluate the resulting software product relative to customer needs.  This program is also tailored to systems engineers who need practical knowledge of software concepts and students who pursue a career in business management in software intensive industries.

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