Systems and Supportability Engineering

Required courses for this Certificate include:

With an increasing percentage (often 65% or more) of the system life cycle cost (LCC) being allocated to operations and support, there is urgency about exploring "cause and effect" relationships between design decisions and their operational and support related impacts. System and product robustness and sustainability become key when systems are costed using a LCC approach. The notion of "open" system architectures becomes an imperative wit increasing use of commercial system elements and common platforms. This four-course cluster in  Systems and Supportability Engineering  presents innovative methods and practices to integrate system reliability, maintainability, and supportability considerations into the systems engineering process. On the other hand, methods to optimize necessary logistics resources and processes are critical and are also studied in this sequence of courses. Current business trends are discussed and assessed.

Audience:  Reliability and Maintainability Engineers, ILS Engineers and Analysts, and Systems Engineers.

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