Software Engineering

Required courses for this Certificate include:

  • SSW 540 Fundamentals of Quantitative Software Engineering
  • SSW 533 Software Estimation and Measurement

Along with two of the following courses:

  • EM 612 Project Management of Complex Systems
  • CS 501 Introduction to Java Programming
  • CS 5XX New Technologies in Software Development

Today's complex and competitive business environment demands that companies vigilantly insure the reliability and integrity of computer systems to avoid costly and potentially catastrophic disruption. To guard against failure, alert industries engage technically qualified experts with sound managerial judgment. The four-course graduate certificate in Software Engineering offers what you need to know to understand fail-safe computer systems, both rapidly and prudently. Managers and software professionals who enroll in these innovative courses will become authorities on quantitative, rather than qualitative problem-solving methods. Learn to deal with a broad spectrum of enterprises-from small-scale to large complex projects. Work in teams to solve problems generated by actual case histories. Following IEEE-sponsored Software Engineering Body of Knowledge guidelines, you emerge as a key player with superior knowledge of the principal elements of advanced software engineering-analysis and design, component-based architecture, configuration management, group dynamics, and testing, verification, and validation.

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