Financial Software Engineering

Required courses for this certificate include:

The Financial Software Engineering Graduate Certificate is aimed at intra-system super structural software applications. Placing an order with a respective broker triggers a sequence of events that starts localized in nature and particular to the brokering firm and its software; hence, this is an example of an intra-system super structural software (ISSS) application wherein the system is the firm itself. Retail software platforms, Web trading desks, pricing software tools for new instruments including derivatives products and stochastic portfolio simulators, and cutting edge information and knowledge discovery tools in a firm are all examples of software engineering in financial institutions.

  • SSW 540 Fundamentals of Quantitative Software Engineering
  • SSW 687 Acquisition and Management of Large Software Systems or SSW 689 Engineering of Trusted Software Systems
  • FE 530 Introduction to Financial Engineering
  • FE 595 Financial Systems Technology

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