Enterprise Architecture & Governance

Required courses for this Certificate include: 

The certificate in  Enterprise Architecture and Governance  integrates four complimentary courses focused on defining and managing large enterprises. Enterprises represent a special case of systems of systems, one with enormous economic importance.  While not traditionally considered within the same domain as technical systems, enterprises are increasingly being seen as representatives of a broader class of human designed systems, of which technical systems are only one part. Certainly, as we look at extended enterprises whose elements may be independent firms widely dispersed across the globe, each with their own motivations, expertise, cultures and organizations, policy and procedures, doctrine and history, charters and resources, motivations and strategic intent, yet collectively working together to produce a product or service valued by customers, the challenge of designing, managing, evaluating and optimizing these systems is the equal of any we can find.  Whether governments, large commercial organizations, government agencies, etc., governance continues to be the most critical challenge contributing to the success or failure of the enterprise. The graduate certificate and the constituent courses first build both a theoretical and philosophical basis for understanding and formulating the interactive and interdependent problem and solution spaces, and then suggest pragmatic and executable approaches to realize the enterprise potential. 

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