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Engineering Management

Engineering Management at Stevens provides a blend of engineering management, systems engineering, and management science subjects.  The traditional engineer and scientist often lacks preparation in the human, financial, and systems integration skills necessary to make project teams more productive, improve product and process quality, and promote the advancement of technology for complex systems.  A systems engineering focus is one of the key elements of this program because it emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach and means to enable the realization of successful systems.
Recent studies show that most engineers will ultimately assume managerial positions and that most will spend a considerable part of their professional careers in a management or supervisory capacity. In a recent survey conducted by the American Association of Engineering Societies, it was found that within ten years of the start of their careers, more than 50 percent of engineers find themselves in technical management positions, often without the benefit of formal training in management.
The Engineering Management (EM) program combines a strong engineering core with training in quality management, project management, production and technology management, accounting, cost analysis, managerial economics, engineering design and systems integration. The course selection offered by this major exemplifies the Stevens interdisciplinary approach to developing strong problem-solving skills. The program prepares students for careers that involve the complex interplay of technology, people, economics, information and organizations. 

Program Objectives for the Masters in Engineering Management Program

The Masters in Engineering Management Program prepares students for a future in technology integration or in the management of engineers, scientists or other technology based organizations. It provides options in systems, logistics, enterprise governance, financial engineering, space, systems security and software.

Graduates will be prepared to work effectively at the interface between engineering and management and a variety of program stakeholders. This program prepares the students for the managing of engineering processes, projects, people and technology for the development, deployment and support of complex, interdisciplinary, technical systems.
The master's program in engineering management prepares students for careers in three categories depending on their prior educational background:

  1. For students with a background in engineering, but not the management of technology, the program prepares them for entry to mid-level positions in engineering management.
  2. For students with an undergraduate degree in engineering management, the program will educate them to serve in positions in the engineering management field requiring advanced and specialized knowledge and ability.
  3. For students whose career objective includes research and/or the Ph.D., the program will provide, through the thesis option, and/or dissertation both the ability to practice engineering management at an advanced level,and to perform independent research in the field.

Graduate Certificates leading to an M.Eng in Engineering Management

Students are encouraged to take an integrated four-course sequence leading to a graduate certificate for the four advisor approved electives or four additional courses in Systems Engineering, Engineering Management, or Enterprise Systems. Most of these certificates are offered online via web-based instruction. 

A faculty advisor must approve other options. Note that all of these certificates are available to undergraduate students as part of the four plus one program.

Ph.D. in Engineering Management

The program leading to the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree is designed to develop your ability to perform research or high-level design in Engineering Management.  For more details on the doctoral program, please visit our Doctoral Studies page.

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