Graduate Certificates

Admission into a graduate certificate program requires an undergraduate degree in engineering or related disciplines with a "B" average or better from an accredited college or university. Outstanding applicants in other areas may be conditionally admitted subject to the satisfactory completion of several ramp courses or introductory courses within the specific program. The specific requirements will be determined on an individual basis depending upon the student's background.  Applications for admission from qualified students are accepted at any time.

Graduate certificate programs can be used a stepping-stone towards a master's degree in engineering management, enterprise systems, financial engineering and systems engineering.

The School of Systems & Enterprises offers several four course, 12 credit graduate certificate programs geared to practitioners and students who:

  • Are interested in improving their current skills and technical competencies,
  • Are considering new career paths within industry,
  • Have been out of school for sometime and want to resume their studies without committing to a full 30 credit master's degree program, or
  • Already hold an advanced degree, but wish to continue their studies in a new or related area.

*The Financial Services Analytics Certificate is a 5 course, 15 credit graduate certificate program.


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