Program Overview

SSE’s vision is to provide a foundation for solving critical national and global challenges of the 21st Century through the use of state-of-the-art systems approaches. Our mission is to be the preeminent provider of systems-centered research, knowledge, tools, teaching/training and partnerships to significantly impact the most complex challenges of national and global significance.

As a result, it is the objective of the SSE Doctoral program to educate the thought and technical leaders who will have impact on Global Challenges in Research and Development, Policy and Strategy, and Entrepreneurial Innovation. This may be achieved in academia, government or non-profit organizations or industry. To prepare our graduates for these positions of leadership we aspire to ensure that they will have:

  • A solid foundation in research methods and methodologies
  • Core competencies in system modeling and analysis
  • A unique “systems” perspective on how they address engineering and governance challenges
  • A track record of publication in peer-reviewed journals by the time they graduate
  • Proven written and oral communication skills

Welcome to Doctoral Studies

We welcome you to the Doctoral studies site of the School of Systems and Enterprises.  Our Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) programs are research-oriented degree programs for students of superior caliber who will make original contributions to theory and practice in their fields of interest.

At SSE, you will find an enthusiastic and committed community of scholars who are leaders in their respective fields and work collaboratively across the various disciplines.  Graduates of program find employment in academia, industry, and professional organizations. 

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Application Deadline Dates

March 15 - Fall Semester

August 15 - Spring Semester