Advisory Board

Dr. Ruth David
Chair of the Board
President & CEO,
Analytical Services, Inc.
Dr. Nicholas S. Bowen
Vice President of Software Appliances
Dr. Spiros Dimolitsas
Senior Vice President for Research and
Chief Technology Officer
Georgetown University
Mr. Chris Ferreri
Managing Director
ICAP Electronic Broking
Mr. Frank Flores
Vice President, Engineering Aerospace Systems
Northrup Grumman
Mr. Andrew Haines
CIO, Scivantage
Board Member
Mr. Bob Klein
Vice President of Engineering
Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems
Mr. Rod Makoske
Vice President of Technical Operations for the Mission Systems and Training Sector
Lockheed Martin
Ms. Nan Mattai
Senior Vice President for Engineering and Technology
Rockwell Collins
Mr. Jacek Myczkowski
Vice President for Server Development for Data Mining Technologies & Life Sciences 
Mr. Ralph Nelson
Vice President & COO, Watson Transformations
IBM Watson Group
Dr. Hal Sorenson
Professor Emeritus
University of California San Diego
Mr. Lou Steinberg
Chief Technology Officer
TD Ameritrade
Dr. Joseph Sussman
JR East Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Engineering Systems
Dr. Don Taylor
Charles O. Gordon Professor and Department Head
Grado Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
Virginia Tech
President-Elect of the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE)
Dr. Jeffrey J Wilcox
Corporate Vice President (Engineering)
Lockheed Martin Corporation
Honorable Michael W. Wynne
21st Secretary, US Air Force;
Chair, Advisory Board,
Systems Engineering Research Center