Workday @ Stevens

Welcome to the home of Workday at Stevens!

Workday is a key element in transforming the way Stevens does business by automating, streamlining, and standardizing current business processes and operations in the areas of human resources and payroll.  The Workday Human Capital Management / Payroll (HCM/P) system is built on best practices and will provide a consistent means of doing business across the Stevens enterprise.  Because it is a fully online, integrated, and seamless system, Workday will also help eliminate many paper forms, making work faster, more transparent, and more accurate.  This supports the needs of Stevens in improving efficiency and effectiveness.  But Workday will also significantly improve the services provided to Stevens’ employees.  Workday is a people-centric system that is built from the ground up and focused on supporting the way people work today – through self-service, using technology, and from mobile devices at any location and at any time.   


What will Workday mean for Stevens?

By replacing Stevens’ numerous, disparate, and problematic legacy systems that rely on paper forms and visits to the Human Resources and Payroll offices, Workday will enable Stevens to improve the way these functions work, reduce risk and problems, and promote the reallocation of resources in order to operate more strategically and more effectively.  In addition, Stevens’ policies, processes, and procedures have been built into the new system to ensure consistency, and to promote transparency.


What will Workday mean for me as a Stevens employee?

Stevens is committed to Excellence in All We Do, and this applies to the tools and services available to our employees.  Workday will provide faculty, staff, and student employees at Stevens with the most robust, yet easy-to-use system available.  The system is fully online, and all Stevens employees will have access to Workday.  Through the employee self-service access in Workday, employees will be able to view and process information related to their employment.  This will include personal information, time-entry, leave time, benefits, tax withholding, and numerous other things that previously required paper forms, phone calls, and trips across campus.   And you can do this from on-campus or off-campus, and using a computer or mobile device. 

Stevens is scheduled to launch the Workday HCM/Payroll system on April 1, 2015.  The new Workday system is the culmination of a two-year project, including 13 months of intensive project work, that will transform the way Stevens works, and the services our employees receive.  

Please continue to visit this website for updated news about Workday, including upcoming campus events, training, and important announcements.