Health Insurance Information

2013-2014 Health Insurance Information

New Jersey law mandates that all full-time students (12 Undergraduate or 9 Graduate credits) have health insurance.

For insurance purposes, a Full-time student is based upon registration for On-Campus courses or PHD Research and excludes Web courses.
A student may request insurance eligibility if Full-time status includes Web courses by contacting the Student Service Center at 201-216-5555.

Students are automatically enrolled in the insurance plan and a premium for coverage is added to their tuition bill their starting semester and every fall semester.  Students with proof of comparable coverage are eligible to waive the student health insurance.  Students who are enrolled for coverage with University Health Plans must use the Temporary Policy Information located (on page 22) in their brochure for their Undergraduate or Graduate class level until they receive their permanent insurance ID card. (Brochure can be found on the forms page.)


Health Insurance Waiver

Students who have comparable insurance coverage can waive the student plan on-line at

                   **Do Not apply for a waiver until you have been charged for Health Insurance** 

The deadline to process Spring UNDERGRADUATE  insurance waiver is February 8, 2014 (1st week after end of registration add/drop).*

The deadline to process Spring GRADUATE insurance waiver is February 8, 2014 (1st week after end of registration add/drop). *

* Spring insurance is accessed for new admits and students that are attending full time in the 2014 Spring semester, but were attending part-time in the 2013 Fall semester.

If you choose to waive the coverage, we recommend doing so as soon as possible. Waivers must be submitted online. No paper forms will be accepted. Students who waive the plan online will be able to print out a confirmation of their waiver request. If a full-time student does not submit a waiver by the his/her specifed deadline stated above, the student will be automatically enrolled in the Stevens insurance plan and the insurance fee will not be refundable.