Facilities Usage Policy

Approval Authority: Administrative Council

Responsible Executives

  • President: Campus Residences for university officials, faculty, and staff
  • Provost and University Vice President: Research and Academic facilities, Information Technology, Library and Information Services
  • Vice President for University Enrollment and Administration: Administrative, Residential, and Extracurricular facilities
  • Administrative Council: Institutional oversight of facility use including allocation of space

Responsible Offices: See “Authorized Facility Management” in Section 4
Effective: 15 January 2010

  1. Policy Statement

    Use of facilities is consistent with furthering the mission, goals, and objectives of the university. This policy sets the guidelines for facility usage by all schools, divisions, research centers, departments, individual faculty and staff, student organizations, Board of Trustees, and external groups.

  2. Reason/Purpose for Policy

    The purpose of this policy is to:

    • insure that facility use is consistent with the mission, goals, and objectives of the university
    • articulate acceptable use of facilities
    • identify departments authorized to manage facility usage
    • address insurance, liability, and fiscal considerations
  3. Policy applies to

    This policy applies to all students, faculty, staff, Trustees, and external groups/individuals

  4. The Policy

    General: Within the context of and in compliance with the Facilities Usage Policy the departments identified in this policy are authorized to manage and/or schedule the use of specific university facilities. Authorized departments ensure that facilities are used in manner consistent with the interests of the university and in accordance with all university policies. Authorized departments develop contracts and procedures that support effective facility usage.

    Institutional Management: The Administrative Council, in consultation with the Board of Trustees, determines the overall use of university facilities

    Authorized Facility Management: The following list identifies facilities and the departments which are authorized to manage and schedule their use.

    Campus Residences- Responsible Executive: President

    • On Campus and Stevens-owned adjacent residences for university officials, faculty, and staff/li>

    Academic and Research and Support Facilities – Responsible Executive: Provost and University Vice President

    • Academic Buildings and Facilities
    • Academic Research Centers
    • Information Technology
    • Library and Information Services

    Administrative, Residential, and Extracurricular Facilities – Responsible Executive: Vice President for University Enrollment and Administration

    • Athletic Facilities
    • Fraternities and Sororities
    • Nonacademic Facilities (including grounds and parking areas)
    • Student Residence Halls

    Acceptable Use: The use of facilities is consistent with the mission, goals and objectives of the university. In addition, use complies with this Facility Usage Policy and other applicable university policies. Use is also in compliance with the university’s tax exempt status and federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

    Use by External Groups or Individuals: The near capacity use of facilities for internal operations minimizes availability for external groups or individuals. When space is available authorized departments may permit the use of facilities by external groups or individuals with the approval of the appropriate Responsible Executive. Use must be consistent with the university’s mission of the university, policies and status as a tax exempt educational institution.

    Groups seeking to use university facilities are designated as “external” when they are responsible for program content and event finances. Individuals are defined as students, faculty, staff, and Trustees operating outside their authorized duties or persons not employed by the university.

    Insurance Coverage: Insurance and liability coverage must always be a consideration for programs and events conducted at the university. Stevens general liability insurance policy covers activities conducted by employees, departments, student organizations, or Trustees acting within the scope of their official duties and approved by the appropriate authority.

    If the use of university facilities by an external group or an individual (as defined in “Use by External Groups or Individuals”) is approved by the appropriate Responsible Executive, insurance coverage must be secured. Groups have the option of providing documentation of their general liability coverage, with Stevens as “an additional insured” or purchasing a one-time event policy. Individuals provide general liability coverage with Stevens as “an additional insured”.

    Stevens has made arrangements with Entertainment Brokers International to offer low cost coverage for one-time events via the TULIP program. Information and application information can be found at http://www.onebeaconentertainment.com. Use Entity ID number 0454-000 when prompted.

    The Office of Audit, Risk & Compliance at Stevens is a resource for information on insurance coverage for programs and events.

    Scheduling: Those interested in the use of a facility should contact the appropriate department identified in “Authorized Facility Management”.

    Expenses: For events sponsored by schools, divisions, research centers, departments, and student organizations there is no rental charge for facility usage, but all other expenses associated with the event are the responsibility of the sponsor. Charges, if any, are identified during the scheduling process.

    For external groups or individuals a rental fee is charged unless waived by the appropriate Responsible Executive. Rental fees are established by the departments authorized to manage specific facilities with the approval of the Responsible Executive. In addition to a rental fee external groups and individuals are responsible for all other expenses associated with the event.

    Financial Oversight: The use of income generated from facility usage is subject to the approval of the responsible executive and the oversight of the Office of Finance. Rental income from events or activities that are not consistent with the mission of the university are subject to taxation. The Office of Finance provides guidance and reporting instructions on taxable income.