Special Functions

Our mission is to provide the Stevens Community with professional, efficient, and supportive service for events held on campus and to ensure services that contribute to a stress-free delivery and execution of all requirements related to each event.  Before filling out the request form below, please make sure you review the facilities usage policy.

Complete the form below to request an event in our available venues and if you have any questions feel free to contact us:

Barbara Migliori, Director of Speical Functions 201-216-5127
Ana Concepcion, Coordinator of Speical Functions 201- 216-5126


General Seating 70
Classroom 40
Conference (Boardroom) 20
Conference (U-Shape) 30

Reception 20
General Seating 30
Conference (Boardroom) 12
Conference (U-Shape) 15

Reception 400
General Seating 500
Banquet 250

Reception 20
General Seating 25
Conference (Boardroom) 15
Banquet 12

Reception 15
General Seating 10
Conference (Boardroom) 8
Banquet 8

Reception 80
General Seating 60
Conference (Boardroom) 20
Banquet 48

Reception 200
General Seating 100
Banquet 100

Reception 1000-1500
Barbecue 1000-1500