Currently enrolled commuter students who live outside of Hoboken, on-campus residents in their senior year, and students in the cooperative education (co-op) program are eligible to purchase parking hang tags to park in designated Stevens parking lots. Due to limited parking facilities, Stevens freshmen, sophomores and juniors are not permitted to have cars on campus. To learn more about Stevens’ parking policies, including eligibility, rates, hang tag applications and parking lot information, please visit the Stevens Campus Police website


1. Edwin A. Stevens Hall
2. Carnegie Laboratory
3. Lieb Building
4. Burchard Building
5. McLean Hall
6. Babbio Center
7.8.9. Morton-Pierce-Kidde Complex
10. Rocco Technology Center
11. Nicoll Environmental Lab
12. Davidson Lab
13. Gatehouse (Campus Police)
14. Walker Gymnasium
15. Schaefer Athletic and Recreational Center
16. Samuel C. Williams Library & Computer Center
17. Jacobus Student Center
18. Wesley J. Howe Center & Visitor's Information Desk
19. Hoxie House 28. Lore-El Center
20. Griffith Building
21. Davis Hall
22. Hayden Hall
23. Palmer Hall
24. Jonas Hall
25. Humphreys Hall
26. Castle Point Hall
27. Colonial House
28. Kenneth J. Altorfer Academic Complex