Dining, Meal Plans, and Housing Rates

Food. Friends. Entertainment. Your dining experience is an essential part of life on campus.

Stevens Dining Services, managed by Compass One, makes your meals convenient and delicious in an inviting atmosphere just steps from your classes and residence halls. Enjoy fresh and healthy breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks at five on-campus eateries, including the Pierce Dining Hall, Colonel John’s, America’s Cup, the Quack Shack, and our newest location, the Red & Gray Cafe! The various meal plans offered to Stevens students cater to many different schedules and preferences. You can also purchase food from any campus location with cash, credit cards or through Duck Bills. Learn more about dining and meal plans at www.stevensdining.com

2015-2016 Housing and Meal Plan Membership Rates

2016-2017 Housing and Meal Plan Memberships Rates

Duck Bills

Duck Bills are a cash equivalent available to all Stevens students, faculty, and staff which can be utilized at any of our dining locations, the Stevens Campus Bookstore, vending machines and at select off-campus locations. It is quick and easy to add Duck Bills to your Stevens ID card, which basically serves as a debit card and deducts purchases from your total balance. Each meal plan includes a specific amount of Duck Bills with which you begin the semester, and you can add cash to your Duck Bills account if you run out. Duck Bills do not expire and will carry throughout the academic year. Manage your Duck Bills account online at www.duckbills.com.