Events and Programs

Stevens is a welcoming and lively community. Living at Stevens is the best way to become a part of all the university has to offer. 

The Office of Residence Life will help you transition to college and find your niche. In collaboration with other departments and offices across Stevens, we offer a variety of activities throughout the year to match any and all student interests – including leadership workshops,  FYE (First Year Experience) programming, ice cream socials and more. 

The Office of Residence Life offers several programs and community building activities for our students. Our most celebrated group of programs is the First Year Experience (FYE) events that are hosted during the first 4 weeks of the fall academic year. Each area on campus creates large scale programs for our new students, creating an exciting environment of student engagement, social development, and community building among the residents and residence halls. FYE programs include:

  • First Year Fiesta (an exciting celebration of dance and music on campus)
  • Smores Night (a social gathering for students to meet and connect on campus)
  • Volleyball Tournament (an active way to build teams, foster student support, and community)
  • FYE Campus Safety Meeting (addressing campus safety tips and best practices for new students) 
  • Dodgeball Tournament (an active way to build teams, foster student support, and community)
  • Fall Festival (a fun day of games, fun, and relaxation)

Throughout the year, the Office of Residence Life focuses on key programming areas for freshman and upperclassmen development. We utilize the C.A.P.S. programming model, which stands for Community, Academics, Personal Growth, and Social. These four areas have been identified as key areas of development for our students and each program is designed to align with one or more of the programming standards. Our goal is to help bring the university’s mission statement to life by fostering opportunities for the students to develop and promote academic excellence, personal responsibility, commitment to service and embracing diversity while being a Stevens student. To accomplish these goals, the student staff will use a multitude of programs, informational bulletin boards, and other means of communication in order to reach the students who reside in the residence halls. 

The Resident Assistants (RAs) work with their assistant area coordinator (AAC), and area coordinator (AC), in order to create the best program and development experience for our students. Through residence life programming, many of our students improve their academic success as well as their college living experience. Many students even aspire to become RAs and take other student leadership roles with the support of residence life programming.