Campus Safety

Stevens is a safe and secure campus environment for its residents, with a low crime rate and a trusting community. Resident Assistants (RAs) live in every building of Stevens residence halls and are on duty daily after 5 p.m. to assist in the rare occasion that problems arise. An RA is a trained upper-class student advisor and role model. RAs help students adapt to their living environment and support the mission of the Office of Residence Life. The RAs are supervised by (ACs) Area Coordinators who also live in Stevens housing and are accessible through the area offices.

In addition, the Stevens Campus Police protect and serve the Stevens community, including securing campus property, enforcing New Jersey laws, preventing, detecting and deterring crime, and preparing the Stevens community to respond to unforeseen crises. The Stevens Campus Police are on duty 24/7. They cooperate regularly with local law enforcement, including the Hoboken Police Department. There are emergency phones within every Stevens building to connect directly to the Stevens Campus Police. There are also highly-visible blue-light phones, located all throughout campus, which connect you to the Stevens Campus Police if you are in distress or if you feel uncomfortable and would like an escort home.