Research & Scholarship

New initiatives to support a thriving research enterprise are beginning to bear fruit.  In Year 2, the number and dollar value of proposals in FY14 exceeded that of FY13, and the value of awards also increased slightly over FY13 to more than $31 million, with current year projects running significantly ahead of the previous years. The $60 million renewal of the Department of Defense-sponsored Systems Engineering Research Center, and three NSF CAREER awards were highlights of Year 2 research efforts.

A new IP policy was formulated in Year 2, and adopted in the current year (Year 3).  A suite of new programs were introduced to enhance the I&E ecosystem. A review and planned overhaul of the Ph.D. program was initiated with the goal of providing better doctoral student support to research faculty, reducing time to graduation for Ph.D. candidates, and increasing the number of graduating Ph.D. students per T/TT faculty.