The Future. Ours to Create.

The Stevens Institute of Technology Strategic Plan 2012-2022

The university's 2012-2022 strategic plan, entitled, The Future. Ours to Create., positions Stevens as a premier, student-centric, technological research university, situated in one of the most vibrant metropolitan areas of the world.

The strategic plan was adopted by the Stevens Board of Trustees and endorsed by the Faculty Senate and the Executive Committee of the Stevens Alumni Association in Summer 2012. The Stevens community has completed the first year's implementation of the plan.

Forty-six distinct goals, classified into six broad categories, have defined the Stevens community's roadmap toward achieving the overarching vision outlined in the strategic plan: “to become a premier, student-centric technological research university."

Using Stevens’ deep-rooted technical expertise to advance the frontiers of education and research domains in areas of significant societal need, the university will focus on healthcare and medicine, sustainable energy, financial systems, defense and security, and science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education.

Stevens will also grow in size and increase in selectivity, creating a solution-oriented, forward-looking and far-reaching institution with global impact. 

Highlights of progress in Year 2 toward our community’s strategic goals are described in an executive summary below. Further details of progress metrics, along with important activities that have taken place in support of these goals, are reported below.