Presidential Initiatives

The Stevens 10-year Strategic Plan, The Future. Ours to Create., identifies five “strategic priorities” that will play a critical role in transforming Stevens into an internationally-renowned, student-centric technological research university.  These strategic priorities, included in the box at right, undergird President Farvardin’s key initiatives.

Efficiency and Effectiveness:  The national debate on the rising cost of higher education highlights universities’ responsibility to be careful stewards of their financial resources.  President Farvardin has undertaken a series of initiatives to review, carefully monitor, and reallocate resources to align with the priorities articulated in the Strategic Plan.  This is a continuing process to evaluate use of resources across all sectors of the university, assess the return Stevens derives from those resources, and align resources with the highest priority needs as defined by the Strategic Plan.

Diversity and Inclusion:  The Strategic Plan sets a target to “expand and diversify our learning community.”  Diversity, according to the Plan, encompasses gender and ethnic diversity among students, faculty, and the administration; diversity in the states and nations represented in our student body; and diversification of the educational programs offered by Stevens.  Stevens aspires to be an environment enriched by a broad range of ideas, a diverse set of cultures, and ample and merit-based opportunities for success for all members of the community.  The Office of Diversity and Inclusion, launched by President Farvardin in 2013, directs many of these efforts on campus.

The President’s Initiative for Excellence:  A $30 million fundraising campaign started on the first day of President Farvardin’s term of office, the President’s Initiative for Excellence has both a fundraising goal as well as an objective to more substantially engage alumni and friends in the University’s mission, programs, and outreach.  Stevens has an important and distinctive niche in higher education—one that is highly valued by employers and necessary for U.S. economic vitality—but financial and other types of support are critical to fulfilling the Stevens mission.

Academic Reputation and Prestige:  “Awareness of the Stevens brand will increase substantially among key constituencies that are critical to achieving our strategic priorities,” according to the Strategic Plan.  Initiatives such as the President’s Distinguished Lecture Series and specialized communications to key audiences and opinion leaders are elements of the strategy to raise the visibility and increase the prestige of Stevens.

  1. Student-Centricity
  2. Excellence in All We Do
  3. Through Collaboration, Impact
  4. Technology at Our Core
  5. Strengthened Reputation, Increased Prestige