President Farvardin Launches Review of Stevens' Tech Commercialization Activities

Dear Faculty and Staff:

I am pleased to announce that I have formed a committee to conduct an internal assessment of Stevens’ academic entrepreneurship, intellectual property development, licensing and enterprise development activities. For Stevens to be successful as a technology-centered university, it is critically important that these key areas be properly structured and operated, and driven by our commitment to innovation and excellence. A fundamental part of our mission as a university is to ensure that the inventions and technologies created by our faculty and others at Stevens benefit the greatest number of people throughout the country and the world. From what I have seen in my relatively short time at Stevens, I believe that our faculty, researchers and students have enormous contributions to make through their research. Their efforts deserve our attention to improving functionality in these areas at Stevens.

We have been successful in these areas in the past and have been recognized for them. I am confident that this internal assessment will identify our strengths and, where necessary, our weaknesses. Upon completing the internal assessment, I plan to invite a group of highly experienced external advisors to conduct an external review and make additional recommendations on the best ways we can improve the effectiveness of our operations in these areas. My aim is to evaluate all recommendations and make an announcement to the Stevens’ community during the spring semester.

I have asked a number of our colleagues to serve on this committee and I believe they will bring to this task the experience and insights necessary to examine the past and help to chart Stevens’ future in these critical areas. The Committee will include the following people:

Dr. Christos Christodoulatos, Associate Provost, Office of Academic Entrepreneurship
Dr. Rajarathnam Chandramouli, Thomas E. Hattrick Chair, Professor of Information Systems
Ms. Amanda DiGuilio, Student
Dr. Thomas Lechler, Associate Professor and Director of Academic Entrepreneurship Programs
Dr. Souran Manoochehri, Associate Dean for Research/Technology, Design and Manufacturing Institute Mr. David Peacock, Director, Intellectual Property Management, Office of Academic Entrepreneurship
Ms. Kathy Schulz, Vice President and General Counsel
Ms. Mary Wheeler, Assistant Vice President for Finance

The committee and I are interested in receiving suggestions from the community. Please feel free to direct any suggestions to me or to Dr. Christodoulatos who will serve as the chair of the committee.

I am grateful to our colleagues who have agreed to take on this important work, and I look forward to communicating with you as we make progress.

Yours truly,

Nariman Farvardin