Edward F. Stukane

Vice President of Communications & Marketing

Mr. Stukane joins Stevens after a very successful career as a marketing strategist, public affairs and advertising executive, and high technology business partner.  Over his 30+ year career, Mr. Stukane has led business development efforts, conceptualized and executed brand building campaigns, led integrated marketing teams, and developed strategic planning efforts to grow enterprises through audience segmentation strategies, integrated marketing communications activities, market research, CRM systems, and media channels to improve business development and market share. 

His clients have included AT&T, for which he managed consumer target segments strategy to grow the customer base in the college, new households and seniors markets; BellSouth, GE and Siemens Medical Systems.  Other clients have included the Independent College Fund of NJ, Blue Cross & Blue Shield/NJ, People Express Airlines, and even Stevens Institute of Technology, for its image advertising campaign developed in the early 1990’s.  Most recently he led a consulting firm serving multiple business clients and was hired by a client, the high technology firm PlanITROI, an IT asset management and disposition enterprise, as its Chief Marketing Officer and was later promoted to Executive Vice President.

Mr. Stukane holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Rutgers University and an MBA in Marketing from Seton Hall University.